Governor Bobby Jindal's Message on Abstinence
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal
As I travel our great state and visit with the people who make Louisiana unique, I have the pleasure of visiting with our future leaders. These 12-18 year old junior high and high school students have the unbelievable potential to lead our state into times of prosperity and success. Along with the potential that I see in these young people, I see the obstacles that Louisiana’s youth face. Every day these youth face negative peer pressures and increased temptations for at-risk behaviors in their schools and community. School officials and community leaders are meeting these challenges with positive outlets for the students as well as programs designed to promote positive behaviors in the classroom and at home. In response to the challenges of negative peer pressure and at-risk behaviors in our state, I joined with the schools and community leaders by establishing Louisiana Youth for Excellence (LYFE) within the Governor’s Office.
  • LYFE exists to equip the future leaders of our state with the tools that will help them succeed and reach their full potential.
  • LYFE works with school officials to implement a curriculum that will educate students on how to make good and healthy choices that will set them up for excellence in their next phase of life.
  • LYFE works with community, non-profit, and faith-based organizations in partnering with schools. The success of our youth cannot happen without entire communities contributing to their education and development.
Please join us as we help the future leaders of our state excel in life.


Bobby Jindal

Middle School:
Creative and engaging, these
8 sessions and videos keep middle-school students involved. They learn the facts about risks and consequences of sex before marriage, as well as the benefits of choosing healthy relationships. It’s direct enough to command teens’ attention and balances information about healthy choices with role-plays that help guys and girls practice saying “NO.”
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High School:
This is highly relevant to lower high school teens and powerfully communicates the value of committing to abstinence. It also inspires older students to develop the communication skills and personal qualities essential for successful relationships of all kinds — with parents, peers, co-workers, teachers — and ultimately, for a lasting marriage. Videos that open each lesson lead naturally to discussion.
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LYFE Videos
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